Webb and Davidson

We’ve known each other for 30 some odd years and had mutual respect for our love of music and the talent that we each admired. I have to say up front that it was Steve’s persistence more than I that started our mutual musical path. Showing up to my gigs non-grate only because he wanted to make himself a better player on his newly acquired Gibson mandolin and the chance to discover were he could take it. Around this time I had been experimenting with the harmonica. When these two sounds came together we new as well as the audience that we were onto something special. Their three studio albums: "Kindred Spirits" and "Daydreaming" and "Gaining Ground" are a collection of original and cover songs that best exemplifies this period of time from 1980 to the present, BD

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Steve Webb and Billy Davidson originally come from Central NY but now live in The Florida Keys. They write and record there own songs by day and perform nightly at various outdoor restaurants. They have recorded 6 studio albums, their latest "Tropically Impaired" was released March of 2017.

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